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Wall Calendars

Wall Calendars
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Make a calendar that's all about your family, photos and dates. Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and more. Personalized dates allow you to add a photo and text to calendar days.

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Numbers Are Too Small I have been using a Shutterfly calendar on a kitchen wall, and have found that the numbers are way too small to make the calendar useful. A wall calendar is meant to be looked at from 10-20 feet away. I don't understand the design choice here March 31, 2014
8x11 callendars where great I ordered one for my mother in law and one for me. The quality is great. I thought the pages where going to be thinner but they were like thin plastic so I was very pleased. The process was not very difficult but it is time consuming if your doing it for the first time since you will be adding all of your events. The second one was a lot faster and I really liked the layouts. Storyboard makes everything easier as well. March 31, 2014
LOVE IT! I am in love with the calender I have on my wall! LOVE IT! I highly recommend you order one! They are great quality, and since I don't have the best vision, and the events are a little small, with the photos on the event day I can remember perfectly about all the events! PERFECT!!!! :) March 16, 2014
Beautiful images, excellent quality Could not be happier with all of the 12-month photo calendars we have purchased over the years. Love them. Prefer them over some competitor's calendars we have tried. I will continue to be a customer. March 13, 2014
Amazing Quality This calendar is amazing. The quality exceeded my expectations. I want to keep the memories and not use the calendar, but it is great to have up on the wall to show off to guests! We also ordered one for my Grandmother for Christmas. We live far away from her, so we thought it would be a great idea so she could always see her great-granddaughter! She loved it also! Our family is truly amazed by the quality Shutterfly provides. It is amazing. March 13, 2014
Family Calendar OMG -- I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I opened the box today and saw my calendars! I made them for a family reunion we are having this summer summer and to tell you the truth I am so excited about them -- I can hardly wait to see the family's reaction to them. They are going to be flabbergasted. I was especially happy that Shutterfly makes an 18 month calendar --- no other sites seem to have this option. The calendars are well made and very, very sturdy -- I know that more than a calendar everyone is going to keep theirs as a treasured keepsake. I also want to thank everyone at Shutterfly for helping me along -- it was my first time making something like this on the computer and they were very patient every time I called. Thanks again -- I know that I'll be back!!! March 12, 2014
Once I figured out the program it was easy, Love the final product I received a Free calendar from a promotion and made it for my Husband's office. I included fun quotes and pictures of our daughter. I used the black and white background - which I loved. This will become a yearly tradition. Printing came out beautifully and we had so much fun putting it together. At first it was very frustrating to put together. I kept logging out and leaving because it would not save or it would change my layout randomly ect. . . . Once I figured out to save often and do one page every time I logged in it went much better. I highly recommend this product! February 23, 2014
Please! Family is enjoying the 12 x 12 calendars I made for them this year. I would like to see a 12 x 12 blank calendar (include months and days) so I can use a 12 x 12 scrapbook page for the top each month! Thanks, Barbara February 5, 2014
Good but frustrating I really like all the background options and having a large selection of layouts, but I'm getting increasingly frustrated with those same layouts. Trying to find a layout with good options for vertical/portrait photos is so hard. Everything seems to be landscape or square if you want to show more than 3 pictures on a page, and then half my photo is cut off. And the overlaps are terrible. I came from Kodak Gallery, and they let you place photos any way you wanted, changing the size, location, rotation, etc. But Shutterfly puts photos on top of photos with huge overlapping areas, making some layouts impossible for me to use. January 28, 2014
Liked the finished product, but was frustrating to make This is my first time making a calendar, I thought making a calendar would be similar to making a book. I was really frustrated that I couldn't move, size, or layer the pics. It was especially frustrating when I would find a cute background, and the pics covered what made the background special. The project took much longer to do than I expected due to the inability to be creative with the pics. I was also disappointed that there was no option to add stickers. That would have been fun to work with. My husband loved the calendar and wants me to make another one for his parents. I'm dreading the process. January 24, 2014
Great product Love these calendars, have been ordering for years, always good quality. Wish you could place photos free-form instead of sticking with the preset options - would love to see that option added. January 23, 2014
My First Photo Project This is a beautiful, high quality keepsake! It was my first project on Shutterfly and I was very aggravated with the calendar layouts and my iPad. As I kept going, it got better and worth the troubles! I used mostly collage type layout for each month. I've ordered many other similar projects and love all of them! Don't give up....it's always a learning experience and I did get great assistance when I called Shutterfly with my concerns. January 22, 2014
8x11 wall calendar I am very happy with the calendar I received. I initially ordered my calendar from a cheaper website and was not happy. The Shutterfly calendar is much higher quality- especially the image and the stock. January 20, 2014
New 12x12 Calendar I ordered a 12x12 calendar and have to admit, it's so much better for me in the new size, as it's easier to see and the photos stand out so much better. You can actually read the birthdays that you put on the calendar. It's beauitiful! Thank you Shutterfly for going bigger! January 19, 2014
8x11 Wall Calendar I agree with other people posting before me. Some of the multiple photo layouts are very limiting. Actually, because of that I ended up going with the one photo layout that covers the entire top page. Another feature that I am not sure I understand is the photos for events. Though it implies that you can crop and edit the photo in the date box, I have not been able to get one to do so yet! Those are my complaints. However, I am very pleased with the quality and clarity of the photos in the calendar I received. I will continue to check in and see if Shutterfly has improved this process for future years. January 16, 2014
12x12 calendar I thought making a 12x12 calendar would be fun and very similar to making a photobook. I'm very disappointed that I can't customize the page and photographs. I'm not impressed with the layout options either. I love making Shutterfly photobooks and don't understand why making a 12x12 calendar can't be the same process with all the same options. I doubt I will finish my calendar, just not happy with the overall look. January 14, 2014
Calendar project I have been working on a calendar this past week. For the most part, it goes well, but every time I work on it, "something" happens, and I am not able to finish...the next day, I make more progress. But today is the final straw. I am almost done, and one month (October) dates have disappeared and the website says there is a problem. Although I have saved my project as I go along, at one point, the site shuts down completely. I am concerned my work will not be recovered. I am not happy that every time I work on the calendar, something goes wrong with the website. Now I have to go somewhere else to get this done. Shutterfly....you're outta here. January 12, 2014
Let us have bigger pictures in layout! Very disappointed that the layout options did not allow for bigger photos to go to edge of page, or at least closer to the edge of the page than allowed now. The margin around the layouts meant there was huge amounts of empty space bordering the constrained photos. The 3-photo layout was especially disappointing. How hard would it be to allow a layout that gave more image space so pictures could be bigger. January 12, 2014
Very Poor Layout selection on 12 x 12 I have been making calendars for all family members for years and years. This year I was going to make the 12 x 12 big one. Then I read that the layouts were so bad I took a look and agreed. I'm not going to use this new style for all the reasons that everyone else lists. I need variable shapes for pics and variable sizes. I even have problems with the layout choices for the 8x11 and wish there were more. Too bad! I was eager to have the big size this time but it will have to wait. January 11, 2014
Calendar I made a photo calendar for my family in 2010 and they are still using it today, 4 years later (for the photos, of course)! Can't wait to make a new one! January 9, 2014
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Read all reviews: Wall Calendars
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Wall Calendars

Make a calendar that is all about your family, photos and dates. Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and more. Personalized dates allow you to add a photo and text to calendar days.
  • Easily add, resize and move pictures and text
  • Choose from new styles, layouts, backgrounds and idea pages
  • Make special dates pop with new grid shapes and styles
  • Printed on high-quality heavy cardstock

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Wall Calendar pricing

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